TRULY CLEAR Raingear (One Size Fits Most)

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The "TRULY CLEAR Rain Gear": Mama Sherman's raincoats with SHERMAN on the back  are TRULY CLEAR and yet another exclusive opportunity! They are a special item for supporters that are making contributions to be a part of seeing "Mama Sherman 25 Simply Clear Rain Gear" launch  strong! Our team is currently deciding if we will order additional batches of this style, or keep them exclusive, so get yours quickly before they become hard to acquire! (Get soon, as you see the exclusive "Frosted Clears" are no longer available! Shipping Additional.)

For an additional $5.00, Mama Sherman will autograph your Rain Gear. The proceeds will go to a Scholarship Fund for her sister LaTonya Hunter "Twin" 6 year old daughter Aniyah.  Add the product "Signature" to get this exclusive add on